About Photobond

The Photobond application enables you, when taking a photo, to place any other photo (or image) from your smartphone’s photo library onto the foreground of the camera screen. You can then adjust its transparency, size and position on the screen.


You use an old shot as a photo filter (or tracing paper), enabling you by looking through it to find the right camera angle and arrange the composition of the overall image. As a result, it is easy to make the shots “then and now” perfectly alike. Hands position, tilt of head, overall pose… get the perfect adjustment. Compare the things that have actually changed.


Photobond application has three modes.

• In Model mode, the application creates the new version of an old photo (remake of an old photo, rephoto). In two other modes, the application blends two photos (old and new) into one shot. 

• When shooting in Collage mode, the old photo acts as a sticker and is placed on the new one (you can add up the polaroid’ type frame). 

• In Double mode, the photos are saved side-by-side.


Photobond merged snapshots make for fascinating posts on Facebook and Instagram, and on other social media, which your friends and followers are sure to love!


Here are just a few ideas for your Photobond merged snapshots:

“At the old place”: perfect for any photo from the family album or for a vintage postcard (👍 for  #throwback and #timetravel).

“Me: then and now” or “Me: in school and now”  (👍 for hashtags  #thenandnow,  #beforeandafter,  #yearchallenge  and #schoolchallenge). 

“I’m where my parents (grandma and grandpa) were [….] years ago”  (👍 for #rephoto,  #rephotography)

“I’m like the actress [….]” (same pose  - 👍 for #movies,  #cosplay).

“I’m there, where the film was shot”  (👍 for #filmtourism and #filmlocation).


The Photobond application has English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, Russian and Chinese versions.


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